An amble in the Highlands part 2

Had a great week of shooting last week. I based myself in Dalat at the supposedly haunted hotel that shall remain nameless, and spent eight hours or so a day bouncing around the back blocks and hills on the back of a motorbike.

Was the hotel indeed haunted? Well I didn't actually SEE  a ghost, let alone photograph one, but  every light in the room did, inexplicably, turn on at 4am one morning. You should try sleeping with one eye open for a week and see how your sense of humor changes!

The weather was cool, a blessed relief from Saigon, the scenery spine tinglingly spectacular and the people friendly and photogenic.

Most of the villages I photographed in were of the Koho ethnic minority who number about 166,000 of Vietnams total population of 90 million people, thus making them well and truly a minority. They are a good natured and friendly bunch.

Some portraits from the trip are below.

A road worker has a smoke. These guys were carving a road across a mountain, through granite, mostly by hand. 

Koho woman. 

An 80 year old Koho man "enjoys" a smoke.

Coffee plantation worker.

Coffee plantation workers take a lunch break.

An amazing 94 year old Koho woman.