The 1 o'clock call

I'm always apprehensive about photographing people at worship, and so it was last Friday when I was invited to observe and photograph the 1 o'clock call to prayer at the Muslim Mosque on Dong Du Street in Saigon. The worshippers, most men and numbering around 200, started arriving early. They would climb the stairs to the mosque, wash their feet in a pool of water and then take up their position on the prayer mat facing Mecca.

The service ran for a hot and sweaty 45 minutes during which I quietly made some frames of the proceedings. After the service I sat bare foot and cross legged chatting to various members of the congregation about religion and life. It was a fascinating encounter and I made several new friends who invited me to return any time that I wanted. 

In the shadow of the Caravelle.

The Mullah. 

Jep. A Cham Vietnamese.

Keeping time.


One of two "mens rooms". Half a dozen women were segregated to their own room for worship.