The rise and rise of Le Minh Chau Part 2

Below are a few higher resolution images from my editorial shoot with Le Minh Chau. The formal part of the shoot went quickly as I knew that Chau was busy and I did not want to impact too much on his workflow. We shot the images in his 1st floor studio. The shoot took maybe 20 minutes. I thanked Chau and said goodbye and went downstairs to the coffee shop where my girlfriend had been having a coffee. I had no sooner arrived at her table when I felt a tap on my back. I spun around to see Chau beaming behind me, he had somehow descended the stairs as quickly as I had and had come to say goodbye to my girlfriend. Coffee's were ordered and we sat and talked for maybe 45 minutes.

As is so often the case, with the formal shoot over and the subject relaxed I made a number of my favorite portraits as we talked and laughed over coffee. A wonderful encounter with a truly inspiring human being.