Against the odds.

Meet Wes, a super cool and inspirational guy who I was fortunate to meet and spend some time with a few days ago. Wes is a South African who became a New York investment banker. Through illness he ended up in a wheel chair 10 years ago. 

Wes has just spent 5 months traveling through Asia, alone and unassisted. Having recently spent two months on crutches I can vaguely imagine the obstacles that he had to overcome traveling through Australia, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, on his own, in a wheelchair.

Spending time with Wes was truly an inspiration and a timely lesson in how people can find the courage to transcend adversity. Wes was returning to South Africa that night where he is planning to develop a website to advise others on how to travel with a disability. He hopes to return either to Vietnam or Japan to live.

Wes, take my hat off to you.