"Life in the fast lane, surely makes you lose your mind" The Eagles.

So this morning I was on my way to shoot a small assignment for Oi Vietnam magazine. As usual I got lost. I stopped and asked a xe om (motorbike taxi) guy to take me to the address. I followed the guy for some miles and at one point he looked around to see if I was still behind him, and in doing so he ran up the ass of a car stopped in traffic. It was just a bump but he left a mark on the back of the car. The car driver got out and things quickly got pretty heated with the ex om guy. As the yelling and gesticulating increased I was about to get my camera out to capture the about to unfold fight when apparently a detente was reached. The guy got in the car and drove off. 

The xe om driver turned around on his bike and took off in the opposite direction, apparently considering me an "unlucky" customer and figuring my 50,000VND ($2USD) to be not worth further risk, thus deserting me to my fate!!!! 

You've got to LOVE Vietnam!

Time to fly