Hoi An Panorama. My first book published!

I'm thrilled to have had my first book published and in bookstores in Vietnam from this week.

Hoi An Panorama is a 150 page photo book of panoramic style images made in and around the Unesco World Heritage listed town of Hoi An in central Vietnam earlier this year.

I was only just off crutches from a broken ankle sustained in an accident when I went to Hoi An to photograph the book. It was blisteringly hot at the time and my ankle swelled to a remarkable size after only a couple of hours on the go each day. The entire exercise was character building to say the least but having a physical artifact to hold and read makes it all worthwhile and super exciting.

Special thanks to my Art Director Paolo Maling for his patience and good advice and to the team at Artbook Vietnam. Many thanks also to my long suffering girlfriend, Nhu Lanh, who assisted mightily and tirelessly in Hoi An during the shoot over many long and hot, but happy days.  

I have uploaded a small representation of images from the book under the "Books" menu item on the home page. Please take a look, I would love to hear any comments that you may have.