The timeless beauty of black and white.

I was in Hanoi recently to wrap up a major project, the printing of my first book Hoi An Panorama, and to research a major new project for early in 2016. On one of my rare days off I travelled to Duong Lam Village, about 50 kilometers out of Hanoi where I had the privilege of hanging out with three female monks at a temple. I made a series of portraits of my newfound friends which I didn't mind in color, but they took on a whole new meaning for me when I converted them to black and white. Color can be such a distraction in some images and this series was particularly suited to a monochrome treatment. A few of my favorites are below and are also featured in my new "Black and White" gallery.

The studious monk.

The dignified monk.

The serene monk.

The hopeful monk.